Wednesday, November 23, 2016

🏁Race Challenge with GM.Melissa, GM.Jane and GM.JackLittle!🏁

Users of level 7 or above who can participate in Multiplayer,
can have a challenge race with GMs!
When you are successfully matched a race with GM.Melissa, GM.Jane, or GM JackLittle, the Rewards are awarded!

▶ Event Date ◀
- From 2016 November 24th 6pm (Indonesian Standard Time )
- For users who are in Southeast Asia : Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, and Laos 

(the event will be proceed in more countries later)

▶ Qualification ◀
- Users of level 7 or above who can participate in Multiplayer
- No RC car restrictions

▶ Event Reward ◀
- 5,000 Coins are awarded when you are successfully matched a race with GM.Melissa, GM.Jane or GM JackLittle! 

- 150 Gems are awarded when you beat GMs!

▶ Event Procedure ◀
- 30 races a day during the event (10 races with GM.Melissa, GM.Jane, and GM.JackLittle each) 

However, you will never know which maps or cars will be driven by GMs!

- Duplicate participants can only be awarded up to 2 times.
- The result will be announced on Re-Volt3 Official Facebook page.
- After the announcement posted on Facebook, the reward will be awarded. 
- 5,000 Coins will be provided if the race is closed (before the result shown) due to the network or other errors. 

- ‘Retire’ is considered as a defeat

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  1. I have question.
    Вhy no added category
    to sell pieces car
    when i have max pieces.
    Аnd receive a new piece
    I don't get anything