Wednesday, August 19, 2015

☆★☆ Cliffy Jump 1.2.0 BIG Update ☆★☆

Hello Everyone!!!
Do you know that Newly 16 stage has been open in 1.2.0 version? And There are various and many changes in update version. smile 이모티콘
Also Hidden map and Quest are added. Can enjoy Cliffy Jump's offbeat contents. smile 이모티콘
☆★☆ What's newly in 1.2.0 ☆★☆
01. Add 16 Stage
02. Add Hidden Map
03. Add Quests
04. Jump's been improved
05. Hidden characters are added (15, 16 Stage)
06. Game revival gold amount has been improved.
07. After watcing AD, Gold amount is changed.
(30 Golds -> 20 Golds)
08. No Ad is add on game result screen.
09. Minor bug fixed.

If you cleared all stages of Cliffy Jump, Why don't you challenge to clear new 16 stage???
16 Stage has been open. Let's do it.

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