Tuesday, July 14, 2015

WeGo Interactive’s New Game Cliffy Jump was released on Google Play!

100% Super exciting! How far could you explore?

Seoul, Korea – July 13, 2015 : Cliffy Jump, Mobile game company WeGo Interactive announced that their newest game Cliffy Jump was released on Google Play. Cliffy Jump has Beautiful backgrounds and 3D characters creates with the user addicted to the game, and this game is suitable for all ages to enjoy.

Cliffy jump has developed a unique way with the running game elements. Also bottom of the sea in the background, and the game is a format that disappeared into the hands of the central road of the Game again relocated. All the characters are not necessary worry about the direction of the user got a straight instinct.

No configuration is the same for each stage of the game, each has a different game and background music. If the way through 10 stages cleared to achieve 100% and off again at 0% when the character dies. In addition, The stage play shorter duration it will not get bored.

Cliffy Jump provides 61 characters. 51 of which can be obtained by purchasing or lottery but, other 10 characters is not possible to purchase so can be acquired within the game.

Cliffy Jump is available on the Google Play Store for free
- Google Play : Cliffy Jump
- Game Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDsVZ2FElNs

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