Wednesday, January 28, 2015

☆★☆ Google Play v.1.3.6 Update ☆★☆

Hey Guys!!! 
As you know, Today is v.1.3.6 upgrade day....
You mush have been waiting for it. Right??? 
Finally, v.1.3.6 is open.

Let's check it out!!!
What is added and improved.
v.1.3.6 is.. we are sure that it is great smile 이모티콘

- What's newly in v.1.3.6 -
1. Newly S Rank Car [FROZEN]
- Feel the maximum speed of Re-Volt is comparable to the Mystery!
- From now on, Can get it from Crystal.

2. Extend All Re-Volt Car 30% Sale Event.
- Newly Car [FROZEN] also can be purchased by Discount amount.

3. Attendance Event is back.
- Attendance is improved so do not miss amazing opportunity.

4. Facebook Like Reward is improved.
- Facebook Like reward is changed to provide 10 Crystals.