Wednesday, December 17, 2014

☆★☆ Happy Christmas with Re-Volt ☆★☆

☆★☆ Happy Christmas with Re-Volt ☆★☆

Hey Guys!!!
As we told you guys about Christmas Update and Event.
Finally Re-Volt Christmas has begun!!!
Enjoy 17th Dec to 26th Dec for 10 days.

Hey Loot at our new car.
What a great Santa Sledge car,
 so cute

Santa Sledge is possible to all stages and it is A Rank.

In addition, This Christmas Update has various Packages.
What's newly in X-MAS v.1.3.0!!!
- Christmas Santa Sledge Car's been added.
- Halloween Package. (Only available for Christmas Event days)
- Aquasonic Full Upgrade Package.

Do Upgrade your Christmas with Re-Volt.
(iOS Christmas is coming soon. Please wait for it.)

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