Monday, December 29, 2014

[Google Play] 2015 New Year v.1.3.2 Update.

Hey Revolters.
Already, New Year is coming,
Time is so fast. isn't it???

Anyway Re-Volt 2 : Multiplayer v.1.3.2 has been updated.

Guess What?
What is added and fixed...???
You'd better upgrade your Re-Volt and Enjoy v.1.3.2 

☆★☆ What's newly in v.1.3.2 ☆★☆
1. Hard mode's updated.
- If clear all stages, can enter Hard Mode.
- Hard mode will be expanded in the Mirror-Reverse.

2. Holiday Event's begun.

3. Special Tuning has been improved.
- Changes in the existing B ~ S rank as A ~ S rank. (B rank removed)

4. Grand Prix Level 1 (diamonds) Covered in the class will be greatly expanded to 45 people from the existing top 25.

Happy New Year with Re-Volt 2 : Multiplayer.

Let's Update v.1.3.2 - >