Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Again Attendance BIG Event!!!

Again Attendance BIG Event!!!

Did you miss before this Attendance Event??
If you did, Do not miss this time.
Attendance Event is back...

Do not forget every days.
You can get coins and crystals than before event.

Let's check it out how the reward of Attendance event is changed.

- Date : 02th Oct ~ 08th Oct
- Rewards : Coins are increased.
                1 day get 10,000 coins.
                2 day get 20,000 coins.
                3 day get 30,000 coins.
                4 day get 5 crystals.
                5 day get 45,000 coins.
                6 day get 60,000 coins.
                7 day get 10 crystals.
- If you get all stamps, Can get +50 Bonus Crystals.

This is great opportunity for you.
Let's play to get them every days!!!

Let's move to update your Re-Volt 2 : Multiplayer!!